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Our Agency has been working in Fort Collins Colorado for many years, helping individuals and businesses with all of their health insurance challenges.

Health insurance is more complex than ever and we can help you find options that will work for you. Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple options and plans that meet every budget. We work with many companies including Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser, United HealthCare, and multiple private insurance companies.

​There are an increasing number of confusing options available for health insurance, especially for Individuals and Families. Short term plans are more common than ever, but be very careful and make sure you do your due diligence on these plans. Health Sharing groups are also extremely popular these days and they can be a good option, but they also have their downsides.

Almost all of the plans offered (including the plans on Connect for Health Colorado) have holes and missing pieces, so it really takes a customized approach for your personal situation to find insurance that will work for you. Everything you find online or talk to a person on the phone about are truly “sold” to you, meaning they will present it to you in the best possible light without going over the negatives.

We work with all of the following and can advise on just about every company that sells insurance: Short Term Medical, Health Sharing Groups/Ministries, Limited Benefit Plans, Discount Programs, Prescription Plans, Self-Funded Plans, ACA Plans, and more.

​We somewhat pessimistically say “it’s about finding the best out of a lot of bad options”. What we mean is that there isn’t any one company that has all of the answers and if you think you come across one that does, it’s most likely too good to be true.

​Also, we have information on the tax penalty and how you may be able to avoid paying it, even if you have no coverage!

​Counties we cover: Weld, Larimer, Morgan, Boulder, Adams, Logan, and Washington

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​We are in Suite 5 in the Office Suites that says “Post Modern Development” or “PMD”. You can ask the receptionist for Scott or NoCo Health Insurance.